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Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I enter to win free stuff at

It’s as simple as selecting as many raffles as you want, and entering your email address and zip code and a completely randomize digitized method picks the winner. If you win, you’ll be contacted immediately by email, and your FREE prize will be on its way!



What types of things can I win?

Businesses are always looking for ways to promote themselves. A lot of times, they give away free stuff. We came up with a way to provide all of the free giveaways in your area all in one place. So what are you waiting for? Start entering for free stuff now!



Can I win cash on

Unfortunately, you can’t win cash on You can however win awesome free giveaways from well known businesses in your area. So get started!



What’s the cash value range of the prizes?

It all depends on what stuff businesses are giving away. You could win something worth $1 all the way up to over $200! But whatever you win will be at no cost to you!



How often do you give stuff away? gives away prizes as often as every other day! So enter to win, and come back soon!



How am I contacted when I win?

You sign up online, and are contacted at the email address that you entered with. Upon redeeming your prize, you provide us with the address or P.O. Box you’d like us to send it to. It’s that simple.



When I win, how do I get my prize?

We contact you by sending an email to you at the address you provided. Upon accepting terms and conditions, you can receive your prize by home address, work address, P.O. Box or Post Office nearest you.



If I enter, will my information be passed on to other websites?

Absolutely not. We guarantee that we will not information share with any website or business not affiliated with We just want to give you free stuff!



Are there mystery prizes?

No, you know exactly what item you’re entering to win for. The prizes you enter to win for can be worth up to $200!



Do you have to pay to enter?

No, it’s absolutely free to the customer to enter, so what are you waiting for?



Can I enter more than once for a contest?

You are only eligible one raffle ticket per raffle. However, you can enter once in as many different raffles as you like on! Get started here
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